martello demolitore Atlas Copco TEX 05 P

450,00 + Iva

Tipo di martello Standard
Versione martello without silencer
Peso 5,5 kg
Lunghezza 380 mm
Consumo d’aria 9,5 l/s
Frequenza d’impatto 2 760 blows/min
Livello vibrazioni su 3 assi (ISO 28927-10) 13 m/s²
Livello di potenza sonora garantito (2000/14/CE) 104 dB(A)
Livello di pressione sonora (ISO 11203) 92 Lp. dB(A)
Ferma utensili cap

Disponibile su ordinazione

Atlas Copco




Thanks to Sofstart you keep the chisel point where you want it. The two-step trigger helps out with first critical cuts.


The air cushion system has basically removed metal-tometal contacts. The piston only turns on air cushions at both ends of the cylinder.

Lift it up

Weighing below 6 kg, this model is light enough for overhead work.

Get a grip

A screw cap retainer provides comfortable grip.


TEX 05 P is available with both hexagonal and round shank.


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