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8326367 Pac 8500 CO H2-CP Bigas

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Dräger Pac 8500 Carbon Monoxide (Hydrogen Compensated) personal gas monitor


PAC 8500 CO.Range: 0-2000ppm, alarm level 30ppm & 60ppm. In industries where Carbon Monoxide needs to be measured with Hydrogen as a background gas, the measured value for Carbon Monoxide may be falsified by cross sensitivity. Thanks to the special Hydrogen-compensated CO sensor from Dräger , this cross sensitivity to Hydrogen is significantly reduced in the display of Carbon Monoxide. Extremely durable Dräger Sensors, and a powerful battery. (Battery service life – 2 years) Dräger PAC 8500 can easily handle even extreme conditions. Sensors can tolerate air pressures between 700 and 1300 mBar. Unlimited operating time.



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